Lemuel Haynes

Two weeks ago, I mentioned the African American Pastor Lemuel Haynes. (Listen to the sermon here.) He served under Washington in the Revolutionary War, until his health prevented him. Later, he pastored a church in Vermont for 30 years. You can read about him in Thabiti Anyabwile’s excellent book The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American Pastors. Thabiti’s book has been helpful for me to understand my role of a pastor better and has inspire me with stories of faithfulness.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Haynes’ sermons:

The Divine Glory is the only object worthy of attention, and to display His holy Character was the design of God in creation, as there were no other beings existing antecedent to attract the mind of Jehovah. And we are sure that God is pursuing the same thing still, and always will. “He is one mind, and who can turn him?” (Job 23:13). There is no conceivable object that bears any proportion with the glory of God; and for Him ever to aim at anything else would be incompatible with His perfections. The day of judgment is designed to be a comment on all other days; at that time God’s government of the world and the conduct of all toward Him will be publically investigated, and the equity of divine administration may appear conspicuous before the assembled universe. It is called a day “when the Son of man is revealed” (Lunke 17:30). The honor of God requires that matters be publically and particularly attended to, that evidences be summoned at this open court. Hence the satins are to judge the world (1 Cor 6:2).

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As a result of God's sovereign grace, Mike is--first and foremost--a Christian. He is the husband of a beautiful wife, father of five wonderful kids, and pastor of Greenbelt Baptist Church, in Maryland.
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