Living Water

I love the contract between Nicodemus and the woman at the well. (Listen to that message here.) Looking at both characters together we see how Jesus offers a third option between legalistic moralism and licentiousness. Unfortunately, the text was very long, and I didn’t get a chance to talk about everything I wanted to talk about. First on the list of things I wanted to talk about was the need to fight sexual sin with the gospel. The chief problem with sexual sin is that it is a broken cistern that holds no water. And when we try to drink from it we will miss the living water that actually satisfies us.

In the next post, I’ll give you some of my favorite resources for applying a biblical perspective on sexual sin.


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As a result of God's sovereign grace, Mike is--first and foremost--a Christian. He is the husband of a beautiful wife, father of five wonderful kids, and pastor of Greenbelt Baptist Church, in Maryland.
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4 Responses to Living Water

  1. Jim Link says:

    Pator Mike,
    I loved your sermon, “Living Water”……The parallel/contrast between the woman at the well and Nicodemus was very instructive, I thought. Your knowledge, eloquence and ease of delivery are all very impressive!


  2. mike says:

    Thanks Jim. By the way, when I said that the most shocking thing in the passage wasn’t the fact that there was a woman married 5 times but that she “got him” and Nicodemus didn’t, that was, in part, because of your comments. Also, the fact that I mentioned the word “scandalous” was because of you. Thanks again for your help.


  3. Jim Link says:

    You are so gracious, Mike…..Thank you for your kind words. All the credit is yours!

  4. Jim Link says:

    Oh my goodness! I signed my note “Mike” instead of “Jim” ! A case of Pastor envy?


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